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Brown Elementary - Back to School and Loving It!

9/6 | TowerPinkster

Additions and renovations at Byron Center's Brown Elementary wrapped up for the new school year! Classroom additions/renovations, group work rooms, and an updated playground welcomed students and staff this week. Listening to our clients' needs and creating spaces to meet their goals is what we do! Here's what staff had to say their first week back - we love what we do!

  • My favorite part is looking out all of the new big windows and seeing the trees!
  • I LOVE all the natural light and large windows in all the rooms and classrooms!
  • The bright, airy, fresh feeling!
  • I love all the space for items and students so we're not crowded in our classrooms. 
  • I love the splash of colors in my classroom and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my space!!  I love the technology and all the storage.
  • The air conditioning makes the kids (and me) stay focused longer because they aren't miserably hot!
  • I love the bright, spacious feeling about the building. It helps to create an uplifting atmosphere.
  • It's BRIGHTER! Brighter lighting, brighter rooms, brighter atmosphere, brighter smiles on students' and staffs' faces, Brighter outlook for Brown Elementary.
  • The new building makes me feel like home. I get excited to come to my new room!
  • The positive energy it has brought to the students and staff at Brown.
  • The best thing about the new school is the space! First I walked down an aisle between desks and marveled at how I did not have to dodge edges of desk tops, notebooks, and water bottles. It was so pleasant to have comfortable passage. Later, I rejoiced when I easily found, distributed, and re-stored my math mats, pens, and erasers in one of the many convenient drawers. Finally, I admired how my class library of books for the students is uniformly organized on the built-in shelves under the windows, making them inviting and easy for the students to use. Thank you, thank you, for this wonderfully designed room. 

THANK YOU, Brown Elementary. This is why we do what we do!