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CC-Crystal school board looking at multi-million dollar millage

11/19 | New Projects, TowerPinkster

CARSON CITY — When one peeks at the horizon of what could be in the future for the Carson City-Crystal Area Schools district, an enticing list of improvements begins to reveal itself.

A new gymnasium? Additional classrooms? Technology and equipment upgrades?

All that and more could be coming to the Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School Complex buildings if voters give the go-ahead in May.

At Monday night’s Carson City-Crystal school board meeting, a presentation was given by representatives from Tower Pinkster Architects and Engineers of Grand Rapids as well as Schweitzer Construction of Battle Creek.

The two businesses are working together to create a plan that would see major renovations and possible additions to the district’s two buildings.

According to Superintendent Kevin Murphy, the district is hoping to move forward with a plan to extend the current 2 mills for two years’ bond ($2 on each $1,000 of taxable valuation) that is set to expire in December 2014.

“We’re not looking to increase taxes,” Murphy said. “If you’re living in our community, we’re just looking to extend the term. We’re looking to explore 2 mills for 10 years or 2 mills for 12 years.

Murphy said an extension to that extent would generate between $8.5 and $10.5 million to work with toward renovating and improving the schools.

According to Schweitzer Inc. President and CEO Tom Beuchler, the current estimate for the total project will vary on which plans the district decides to pursue.

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