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Controlling Energy Costs

1/27 | White Papers

“The key to saving energy is knowing what the largest users are. A variation of the Pareto principle tells us that 80% of the energy is consumed by only 20% of the equipment. Targeting that 20% of equipment will provide the most benefit.”


Perry Hausman, PE, LEED AP
Mechanical Engineer



Look at Energy
Tough economic times often require difficult decisions be made. But what if you could significantly improve your organization’s bottom-line without cutting staff, reducing salaries or causing discomfort? Smart energy usage in your existing facility can do just that.

Develop an Energy Plan
Benchmark your facility to see how it measures up to others by simply visiting www.energystar.gov and registering for a Portfolio Manager account. Develop an energy plan that assigns roles and responsibilities, defines temperature set points, determines computer and equipment use, utilizes benchmarking information and provides employee awareness and staff training. When developing a long-range plan, include projections for making improvements during planned maintenance and repairs.