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Douglas L. Milburn Joins TowerPinkster as Project Manager

7/12 | Press Releases, TowerPinkster

Douglas L. Milburn Joins TowerPinkster as Project Manager

Grand Rapids, Mich., July 12, 2017 – TowerPinkster welcomes new project manager Douglas L. Milburn, a skilled architect with experience across the Midwest. Milburn is essential to TowerPinkster’s commitment to producing innovative and efficient projects that are on schedule and under budget.

Milburn has 13 years of experience in the architecture and engineering field, having worked in a similar role at other regional and local firms. He has a depth of knowledge about taking a project from the conceptual stage through occupancy and beyond, as well as managing planning and feasibility studies to help organizations plan for future growth. At his former firms, Doug completed multi-million dollar projects for the Cincinnati Eye Institute, Treystar, and at his alma mater, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

“Doug was the ideal candidate for our team because of his desire to learn and grow, and to help others do the same,” said Project Management Leader, Steve Loney. “His thoughtfulness, intelligence, and passion for the AE field are wonderfully contagious.”

Having grown up on a farm, Milburn’s passion for architecture started with a love of Legos and grew as his family took vacations to large cities where he was able to stand in observation decks across the country and take in the urban landscape.

In managing projects, Doug said that his favorite part is working with clients who really appreciate the process, helping them see and achieve their project goals, and then providing them with a finished project that goes above and beyond their expectations.

“Equally so, I strive to ensure that the future user population of a building will have a good experience in their space,” he continued. “Internally, I want all of our team members to enjoy their involvement on a project, and I hope I can help them develop new skills along the way.”

Milburn, a member of the American Institute of Architects Michigan Mentoring Network, helps newer AIA members expand their skills.

Outside of the office, Doug enjoys exploring urban areas and trying new epicurean restaurants. He is also an amateur astronomer; so far he has seen the moon and Jupiter but is still searching for Saturn.

Milburn is located in TowerPinkster’s downtown Kalamazoo office. He may be contacted by calling (269) 492-6724 or emailing dmilburn@towerpinkster.com.

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