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Firm pairs well with new breweries

1/5 | Past Projects, TowerPinkster

In Michigan, many breweries also function as taprooms, with many including a kitchen and restaurant, so designing a brewery can be similar to designing a restaurant, with one key difference: the brewhouse.

When customers walk into the taproom, they usually have a keen interest in what’s going on behind the scenes — seeing how the beer is made, Novotny said. It’s a designer’s job to make sure everything in the building flows well, from food and beverage service to getting the beer to where it needs to be after it’s made.

Brewery owners also have a lot to think about before they open the doors, such as deciding how large a brew system they’ll put in and whether they plan on distributing — and if so, in kegs, or bottles and cans, as well. Should they allow for space to put in new fermenters to expand capacity?

“There are a lot of considerations. It’s really several projects in one,” Novotny said. “They’re really exciting to work on them.”


January 2, 2015 by Grand Rapids Business Journal