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Grand Rapids Office Receives LEED Certification

7/2 | TowerPinkster

TowerPinkster’s new Grand Rapids office has achieved the LEED ID+C  (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Interior Design & Construction) Platinum certification, the highest possible from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).  The USGBC uses LEED certification to designate the world’s greenest, energy-efficient and high-performing buildings.

TowerPinkster provided architectural design and engineering services to Locus Development, which owns the building and led the rehabilitation effort.  Pioneer Construction served as the general contractor.  Interphase Interiors and Haworth Inc. supplied the office furniture and workspace equipment in the office located at 4 E. Fulton Street.  “Many of our clients look to us to design green buildings, so when designing our new Grand Rapids office, it only made sense for us to lead by example,” said TowerPinkster President and CEO Arnold Mikon.

TowerPinkster leases the entire second floor (7,488 square feet) of the building located on the southeastern corner of Fulton and Division, which accommodates 35 employees with room for future growth.  The building was originally built by Davenport Institute (now Davenport University) in 1949 and was last occupied by Junior Achievement, which relocated in 1998.  The building sat vacant for 15 years before TowerPinkster re-opened it in Fall 2013.

The new space features an open-office environment, showcasing flexible furniture systems from Haworth, as well as Haworth’s Workware, allowing users to share content wirelessly, even remotely in real time.  The office space also features a Telepresence Conference System which provides off-site team collaboration.

Extensive work was needed within the two-story structure.  The roof had failed years earlier, single-pane windows were in need of replacement, utility upgrades were necessary as were historic repairs. Sustainable features in the project include reclaimed wood paneling made from salvaged shipping crates.  Countertops were made from recycled metal shavings, energy-efficient lighting was installed, three dimensional wall panels were made with FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) wood,  the rapidly renewable source of cork was used widely and low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) were used in carpeting, tile and paint.  TowerPinkster’s Grand Rapids office is believed to be one of, it not the only Architecture and/or Engineering headquarters in the State of Michigan to receive the LEED ID+C Platinum certification.