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Hark Orchids Facility Is Almost Ready

7/23 | TowerPinkster

"Hark Orchids expects to have its first U.S. orchid propagation facility up and going before the end of July at the Midlink Industrial Park in Comstock Township.

It expects to be able to ship young plantings from the new, $6.5 million state-of-the-art propagation and cultivation facility to its primary customer, within about four months.

The company’s primary customer in the U.S. is Green Circle Growers of Oberlin, Ohio.

“We're wrapping up construction and should be completed in mid-July,” said David Gordon, general manager of Hark Orchids LP. “Our building and construction is about one month ahead of schedule and we’re looking to start production, the initial operation, in early to mid-August.”

Hark Orchid, also called Hark Orchideen, is a family-owned business based in Germany whose sales account for about 20 percent of the orchid market in the United States but about 90 percent of the orchid market in Europe.

Local leaders hope that if it prospers here, the 60 to 70 jobs it has promised by the end of 2014 could grow to many more in the area in coming years."  -  MLive

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