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High Strength Masonry at Kent County Jail

6/19 | TowerPinkster

"Jail construction is governed under the institutional portion of the building code and has special egress requirements and fire ratings of the supporting structure. The 1992 addition to the Kent County facility was constructed of cast-in-place concrete frame with 8" masonry infill and veneer. When the current expansion was being developed, many construction types were evaluated for the envelope. Multiple prefabricated cell options were also considered (precast concrete boxes, steel panels and steel walls). The design team chose 12" load bearing masonry with precast concrete plank floor and roof structures. Masonry's ability to meet fire rating requirements and its resistance to corrosion made it favorable to steel. Local availability of materials and labor were another determining factor, as the project is funded by an increased tax millage passed in 2009. Block is produced by local plants, transported to the job site by local truckers for infrastructure in their own community. The masonry system puts more local people to work than any other building system. Nearly every dollar allotted to the masonry wall system remains in the local economy. Because of the velocity of money, the economic factor of approximately 4x the amount spent to construct the jail will circulate though the local economy. Predcast cell boxes are fabricated and equipped out of state, which would have addition to sending the money out of state. A masonry veneer was planned from the start ti ensure the exterior aesthetic matched the existing building."

   - Strategy Vol 1 No 1 2013 SMART I dynemicsofmasonry.com (page 19)


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