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sixth-grade wing at MacDonald Middle School

8/23 | New Projects, TowerPinkster

Project manager, Bill Zaske, discussed sixth-grade wing at MacDonald Middle School with Lansing State Journal.

"Part of the reconfiguration of the front entryway, project manager Bill Zaske said, will involve giving office staff an unobstructed view of everyone entering the school. As it is now, someone could enter the school and ascend immediately to the second floor without being seen.

Two new central project areas, Zaske said, are intended to be large enough to accommodate two classes at a time. In addition, the design of the new classrooms was planned to incorporate as much natural light as possible.

“The goal is to provide a new look,” Zaske said, “and (also) tie into the 2002 addition. The goal is to blend in.”

Enrollment forecasts predict nine sections of sixth graders in 2014-15, meaning one homeroom will be housed in a revamped science lab." - Lansing State Journal

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