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Spotlight Photographer: Maconochie Photography

6/21 | White Papers

It's hard to find architectural photographers who can capture the true essence of A&E design - but when you do, it certainly is a find! As a multi-disciplinary firm, it's important for us to see that every photograph portrays a personality and captures the spaces where engineering and aesthetics have come together to help define the places where we live, work and play.

And that’s exactly what Maconochie Photograhy does—Justin is able to tell the story behind the photographs. Check out some of his work for us (these can also be seen on our website).

TowerPinkster's Corporate Office
First LEED-certified A&E firm in Michigan
Kalamazoo, MI

Albion College Science Complex -LEED Silver
Albion, MI

Kalamazoo Public Schools Linden Grove Middle School (pursuing LEED Gold)
Kalamazoo, MI