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TowerPinkster and Google

3/15 | White Papers

Recently, one of TowerPinkster's newest memebers of the Mechanical Engineering team, Jonathan Rumohr, LEED AP, was one of 20 people, worldwide, invited to attend Google's "Super Modeler Conference" in Boulder, Colorado.

“It was a user’s conference, where the top Sketch-Up geo-modelers [those who model buildings with Sketch-Up, and then locate them on Google Earth] from around the globe were invited to share their experiences,” said Jonathan. “We also shared all of our tips and tricks with the entire group...it was a great networking opportunity, and we remain in touch through a Google Group set up for us.”


During Jonathan's undergrad work at Western Michigan University (where he earned a BS in mechanical engineering last April), he was also part of a seven-member team that placed ninth out of about 350 entries from across the United States and Canada in Google's Build Your Campus in 3-D Competition. He played a key role in the addition of WMU's high-resolution imagery, which can be seen on the Google Maps and Google Earth applications.

Most recently, some of his acquantainces at Google worked on the 2010 Winter Olympics Games website to give it a complete 3D perspective. They embedded a Google Earth viewer directly into the website, so users can get a complete 3D view without ever opening Google Earth. Check it out!